Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

1. Effing, Robin; Huibers, Theo W.C.; Van Hillegersberg, Jos.

Social Media Participation and Local Politics: a Case Study of the Enschede Council in the Netherlands

2.    Joachim, Åström; Jonsson, Magnus; Karlsson, Martin; Hinsberg, Hille.

Crisis, Innovation and eParticipation: Towards a Framework for Comparative Research

3.    Shiramatsu, Shun; Ozono, Tadachika; Shintani, Toramatsu.

Approaches to Assessing Public Concerns: Building Linked Data for Public Goals and Criteria Extracted from Textual Content

4.    Følstad, Asbjørn; Lüders, Marika.

Online political debate: Motivating factors and impact on political engagement