Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

ePart aims to bring together researchers of distinct disciplines in order to present and discuss advances of eParticipation research. As the field of eParticipation is multidisciplinary in nature, ePart provides an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners with different disciplinary backgrounds to share and discuss current research on foundations, theories, methods, tools and innovative applications of eParticipation. ePart also provides a fruitful ground to nurture and plan future cooperation.

The conference also provides an excellent platform for those who wish to learn about, or update themselves on research advances in eParticipation, understand how other groups are applying advanced tools and techniques, and exchange ideas with leading international experts in the field.

ePart2013 is organized by members of IFIP Working Group 8.5 and it is supported by a multidisciplinary programme committee from all over the globe.


The scope of ePart 2013 covers the whole range of research in eParticipation. Its principal aim is to review research advances in both social and technological scientific domains, seeking to demonstrate new theories, concepts, methods and styles of eParticipation with the support of innovative ICT.

The fifth ePart conference focuses on, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • The Research landscape, directions, foundations, theories and methods
  • Advances in particular eParticipation areas such as: online deliberation and discourse, eConsultation, ePolling, eLegislation, eElectioneering, eCampaigning, eVoting, social networking
  • Advances in policy making using policy modelling, simulation, impact assessment and visualisation methods and tools
  • The role of Web 2.0 and social media in eParticipation research and practice
  • Innovative tools and technologies for various applications and areas of eParticipation
  • Findings from comparative analyses of eParticipation practices
  • Impact assessment and public value considerations of eParticipation on real world decision making
  • eParticipation projects: design, implementation, evaluation, quality and impact


ePart is closely aligned with IFIP EGOV 2013 (www.egov-conference.org) and with the EGOV community. In 2013, both conferences are also co-located with the major German Computer Society’s Conference Informatik 2013 (www.informatik2013.de). Participants registering for one conference get admission to all co-located conferences).



All accepted completed research papers will be published by Springer Verlag (LNCS). Ongoing research and innovation projects papers will be published by GI LNI. Outstanding research papers from the conference might be selected for further development and publication in a special issue of a relevant journal.