Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

Developers on Demand vs. Users on Demand: Experiences from a Proof-of-Concept Project of the Mobile X-Application

This paper presents experiences and reflections from the development context of a proof-of-concept project aiming to produce a mapbased mobile accessibility service based on user-driven content through deployment of social media, called the X-Application. The paper reports on work in progress with the specific aim of highlighting the complexity of
combining academic competences and traditional project management and systems development and balancing differing needs of controlling widely distributed end-user participation. It raises questions concerning how to combine models of open innovation and increased user-involvement with more traditional software and service development models. The paper ends with a discussion of possible solutions concerning how to overcome the dichotomy of these clashing demands, when developers are expecting “users on demand” and academics and future users – in their turn – are calling for “developers on demand”.