Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

Immigrant Inclusion and eParticipation Cultural versus Political Participation

The paper provides some preliminary conceptualisations and results from an ongoing research project ‘Immigrant Inclusion by eParticpation’ that is funded by EU. The development project aims at improving immigrants’ inclusion in society by e-participation.
The conceptual choices made and methodological actions taken in project will be briefly described, as well as the target group selection and its theoretical background. Also recent results from Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEXIII) will highlight the situation of immigration and integration in three different contexts.
Immigrants often have truly transnational communication networks, in particular if their families and friends are scattered in different countries. Many immigrants are well networked but at the same time others can be severely isolated. A basic principle of democracy is the inclusion of everybody: no-one should be left outside of common issues and social interaction. The empirical and theoretical findings of the immigrant inclusion project are exploited to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by and the opportunities for immigrants in e-participation and inclusion within the three project countries, but also in rest of Europe.