Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

ePart 2010 Conference Programme in pdf.

Please note that the programme is subject to changes, if needed!

In ePart 2010 keynote speeches will be provided by Ann Macintosh and Andreas Ladner. Unfortunately the initially planned first keynote speaker Professor Jens Hoff cannot attend the conference due to family illness; he sends his apologies.


Ann Macintosh is Professor of Digital Governance and co-director of the Centre of Digital Citizenship at the University of Leeds. Her work in digital governance is both applied and conceptual; the aim is not simply to design applications using new media, but to understand the changing nature of citizenship and governance in a networked society. She has acted as a specialist advisor for the OECD, the UN and the Commonwealth Secretariat. In 2009 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Örebro University, Sweden for recognition of her work in eParticipation, in particular the interplay between humans, technology and governance.

Her personal website is here.


Andreas Ladner will talk about "e-Challenges to (Swiss) Democracy".

Andreas Ladner is professor for political institutions and Swiss public administration at the autonomous university institute IDHEAP in Lausanne. His areas of research include political parties, municipalities, institutional change, and e-democracy. He has conducted several major research projects of the Swiss National Science Foundation and authored books and articles on these topics. His latest book analyses the influence of municipal size on the quality of democracy in Swiss municipalities. Actually he leads a research project on the voting assistance application (VAA) smartvote. He published, among others in International Political Science Review, European Journal of Political Research, West European Politics, Electoral Studies and Party Politics. He also regularly comments Swiss politics in the media.

His personal website is here and his complete publications' list here.


Jens Hoff is a professor in comparative politics at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and specialises in the study of information and communication technology, power and democracy.
During the last 25 years Jens has participated in a large number of national and international research projects. His research focuses on power and democracy in relation to uses of information and communication technology in politics and in political and public organizations. His publication list includes over a 100 publications. A recent publication is “How should we understand the relationship between Internet and politics?: Towards a theoretical framework”. Hoff, Jens Villiam ; Bjerke, Flemming. 2009. 28 p. Conference: ECPR General Conference, Potsdam, Germany, September 10, 2009 - September 12, 2009. Currently he is engaged in a major Danish research project CIDEA. The Citizen Driven Environmental Action Project (CIDEA) is a 4 year research project funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council with approximately 10.9 mill. D.kr. It is a cross-disciplinary project bringing together environmental experts, social scientists and software developers in an effort to help Danish municipalities inform and engage citizens, businesses and organizations in actions to effectively reduce their “carbon footprints”.

His personal website is here.