Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

The conference allows for four distinct types of submissions:

  • Completed research papers
  • Ongoing research and innovative projects
  • Workshops and panels on pertinent issues
  • PhD colloquium submission.

Research papers 
The Research section invites both empirical, theoretical and conceptual work. While there is a strong focus on scientific rigor, relevance for eParticipation development is equally important. Papers in this section may be max 12 pages.
Papers in this section will be double blind reviewed by 3 reviewers for rigor, relevance, originality and clarity of presentation. Accepted papers are published by Springer LNCS. Format guidelines are available here.

Ongoing research and innovative projects
The Ongoing research and innovative projects invites

  • Ongoing research and general development: max 8 pages in traditional scientific structure (empirical, theoretical and conceptual work)
  • Project and case descriptions: max 8 pages project descriptions and discussion of ongoing or completed projects.

Papers in this section will also be double blind reviewed, but focus is more on relevance than scientific rigor. Accepted papers will be published by Trauner Druck. 

Workshops and panels

The Workshop and panel section invites

  • Proposals for workshops/panels: max 3 pages abstracts. Workshops and panels on topics pertinent to eParticipation issues or developments.

Proposals will be reviewed for quality and relevance by at least two members of the organising committee (not blind review). Proposals should indicate the intended participants of the workshop/panel discussants.
Accepted workshops shall publish a short abstract (2 pages) in Trauner Druck.

PhD Colloquium

Submissions to the PhD Colloquium should indicate the name and affiliation of proposer, title of the paper, and 3-5 keywords.

Prepare for Double-blind Review


  • The first page should contain only the
  • title,
  • abstract,
  • 3-5 keywords characterising the content of the paper
  • name of the track to which the paper is being submitted.

The remaining pages should include the main body of the submission and all references, figures, tables, etc.

Anonymised for Blind Review:

  • Author name(s) should not appear in the paper (including the abstract).
  • Eliminate references to your institutions, your sponsors, your unpublished work, and your published work if done in a way that identifies you as author.
  • All author names must be inserted in the online submission form.
  • Delete author and institution information from document properties.

We kindly ask you not to indicate your name and affiliation in the paper. Indicate 3-5 keywords for your paper as well as to which topic your paper fits best.